Ben Askren's Halving support of Bitcoin drew applause.


Ben Askren, the world-famous UFC fighter also known as” Funky, " had actually expressed his interest in leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) months earlier and had shown himself to be an open cryptocurrency supporter. 

Former champion also backs Bitcoin

Ben Askren has proved once again that he is a bitcoin supporter, too, with a change he made to his official Twitter account. Askren's audience on Twitter, which has previously reached millions of followers by winning world titles, appears to be more than 300,000 people.

May April 8th, Askren changed his username to Bitcoin Halving May 13th in his change, sending him to the Bitcoin block award slot. After yesterday's Halving of Bitcoin Cash, eyes have now turned to halving, where BTC will live, and according to current calculations this is expected to happen on May 13.

Although Askren has changed the name of his account again as of today, his tweets supporting Bitcoin still stand on his page. Responding to a follower who said bitcoin would fall in May, Askren noted that the famous analyst named PlanB also had his forecast on the issue. PlanB argues that the price will rise by up to $ 1 trillion, particularly after Bitcoin Halving.