First Class is a flight class that means first class and allows you to travel on planes in a separate section, with special services.


 First class flights, which offer different services and different options on each airline, are a special section where mostly privileged passengers travel. Designed to make you feel like you're travelling in a hotel room, first class flights are packed with details and services that meet your every need.

First class flights are the choice of those who want to have a comfortable and luxurious journey, especially on long flights. During a 12-hour flight, television, console games, a bed, your own bathroom, delicious meals are offered. In the first class classrooms, where headphones provide sound isolation, you have the chance to watch the most up-to-date movies with the dishes prepared by the cooks. Each airline offers first class flights with different designs and services. Some first class services, available on planes that are mostly used for long flights, start by taking you home to get to the airport.

The great feature of first class flights is that they provide a true restaurant experience at an altitude of 35 thousand feet. First class menus created by the world's most talented chefs bring your favourite tastes from around the world to you during the flight.

First class flights are starting to feel special from the airport. Each airline has hundreds of different options for a great time in the lounges. At the airport you enter without waiting in line, it is possible to take advantage of special services in the lounges until your first class flight begins. There are special lounges for those who fly first class on almost all airlines in Europe.

On long flights the problem is generally posed by baggage rules but there are no baggage restrictions on first class flights. You can take all the items you need for a long journey without any penalty requests. At the same time, some airlines come and take advantage of the extra-charge services you receive from your home.